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Breakfast at Orchid Bistro in Ikoyi

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” a saying that has been said many times over, but did you know that the word breakfast is a combination of two words ‘break’ and ‘fast’? which essentially is intended to mean to break one’s fast from the dinner the night before. I learnt  this as a child and was fascinated by the clever use of the two words.  Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day.

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For this edition of Culinary Delights’, I went to Orchid Bistro located on 40 B Raymond Njoku Street in Ikoyi for a breakfast meeting. I have been there a few times before, but never early enough for breakfast so I was particularly excited to be having a work meeting there, even if It was   7am. Orchid Bistro in Ikoyi is a really beautiful and clean space that as you may have guessed by the name is filled with orchid flowers. Plants have the ability to brighten and open up any space and I find that space is even more pleasant with the amount of greenery and bright flowers they have in and around the restaurant.

The restaurant itself is a mixture of a café, restaurant and bar all in one which surprisingly works perfectly. The food at the Orchid Bistro is tasty and carefully made. On previous occasions, I have had the oxtail before and I remember being very satisfied. There is nothing better than eating food and feeling that the food was carefully prepared I decided to go with a traditional English breakfast which comprised of 2 sunny side up eggs, sausage, tomatoes, hash browns, baked beans, and brown toast. English breakfast is one of my favorite breakfast meals because not only can you find it anywhere in the world, but it is also very filling and can often keep me full until dinner time. The English breakfast at Orchid Bistro comes with tea, coffee or orange juice and I had tea because, in my opinion, nothing goes better with English breakfast than tea.


The origins of the traditional English breakfast dates back to the 13th century.  It was the gentry who initially introduced the idea of the full English breakfast in the 14th century. They considered themselves the guardians of the English countryside and heirs to the Anglo Saxons and saw fit to implement the social qualities of great country houses, where large, lavish meals for important people were often hosted. The gentry also considered breakfast the most important meal, a message which is still prevalent to this day.

The Orchid Bistro experience is a pleasant one overall. This café with its orchid garden is definitely a breath of fresh air. A gourmet cafe and restaurant that caters to those with a sophisticated pallet.  It is perfect for coffee and cake with a friend, lunch or dinner or a business meeting. You can stop by for a full meal, pastries, desserts, and or drinks and you are guaranteed to find something you like.


Food- 4.5

Service -4

Ambiance- 4



This review was done by Lehlé Balde on behalf  of BusinessDay Media 

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