LifestyleKohinoor the diamond restaurant in Ikate Lekki

Kohinoor the diamond restaurant in Ikate Lekki

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon in Lagos and as work would have it we had a scheduled meeting for Sunday at 1 pm. As a food enthusiast, I was trying to find a place suitable for a Sunday lunch meeting. I decided to call my friend Edache Obe who is the founder of Dacheo Media a digital marketing company and Lagos Foodies Association, an official group of food lovers across Nigeria. He suggested we try out Kohinoor which is located on 72 Kusenla Road Ikate, Lekki.

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Ikate seemed far in my head but without the weekday traffic its a breeze to get to.


On this occasion, I had a lunch meeting with my boss Oghenovwoke Ighure who is the Executive Director of the Department of Strategy Innovation and Partnerships at BusinessDay Media and Linda Ochugbua who is the digital sales manager at BusinessDay Media. They are both incredibly accomplished and intelligent individuals who are responsible for furthering so many important causes in relation to business, entrepreneurship and policy change in Nigeria and beyond. It is a great privilege to work with both of them.

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As I entered Kohinoor, I was blown away by the decor, the artwork and the attention to detail and effort put into putting the space together. The decor is out of the box yet classy. A high-end modern sports bar is the description that comes to mind. They even have authentic vintage motorcycles on the inside as decor, which is something I have never seen before in Lagos. After doing some research we found our that the name Kohinoor was birthed by the owner’s many visits to India. He came across the name “Kohinoor” and was intrigued by it. In India, Kohinoor is one of the rarest diamonds in the world. As one who appreciates some of the finest things in life, he was taken by the name & decided to christen his luxury restaurant, bar & lounge “Kohinoor Lagos”.



The waiter greeted us and brought over the menu. The menu is vast at Kohinoor and one will never run out of options. The menu is a blend of continental and African dishes. After much deliberation and some help from our waiter, I decided to have the T bone steak which came with french fries and vegetables. The steak left a little to the imagination but the fries were very good and the veggies were fresh.



Here is Linda’s review of Kohinoor;

“Kohinoor is a well-planned and structured restaurant. I totally fell in love with the ambiance when I stepped in. The staff were extremely courteous and polite right from the doorman to the waiters. One other thing that will catch your attention is the wall paintings, the lighting, decoration, and the seating arrangement. I am still smiling at how impressed I was with their skills of paying attention to every single detail. The drinks came in quite quickly and it was nice. The chicken wings were extremely and spices were perfectly blended. The food was ok and we had a variety of spicy finger foods comprising of chicken wings, samosas, goat meat, etc. It was a nice restaurant and I am delighted that I found this new spot in Lekki”.


Linda Ochugbua, Digital Sales Manager at BusinessDay Media

Kohinoor is more than a restaurant as it organizes weekly theme nights such as Salsa dancing, Karaoke, Game’s Night, 90’s night and much much more. it’s perfect for all types of occasions; birthdays, business meetings, date night, lunch, brunch or dinner.

Kohinoor Lagos serves an array of delicacies, both continental & African, to satisfy the palates of all irrespective of what their preferences are.

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