The Warehouse Kitchen – The Best seafood pasta in Lagos?

The Warehouse Kitchen – The Best seafood pasta in Lagos?
Lehlé Baldé

The Warehouse Kitchen is a new restaurant conveniently located in on Admiralty Way in Lekki, near Fidelity bank. Upon entry at The Warehouse Kitchen, I immediately noticed the sparkling modern lighting that enhances the bright open, yet the cosmopolitan design and feel on the inside.

Warehouse Kitchen

Sparkling modern lighting that enhances the bright open

Everything about this space is unique from the cow head door and the wooden floors which really makes you feel like you are in a modern warehouse.  I must say I was apprehensive about the name of the restaurant because it leaves a lot to the imagination…. but was pleasantly surprised by what I saw inside.

Warehouse Kitchen


On this occasion, I went with my friend Akintunde Bada who is the Country director of VIACOM in Nigeria. He suggested this new place as a location for a mid-week catch-up, and I was more than happy to try it out.

 The Warehouse Kitchen has beautiful floor to ceiling windows which I find very visually appealing, especially in modern buildings. Everything about this space is unique from the cow head door and the wooden floors which really makes you feel like you are in a modern warehouse where you can really relax, eat and have a good time.

The Warehouse Kitchen has two floors both with outdoor sitting areas. The outdoor sitting area on the ground floor comes with a large screen for those days when you want to catch your favorite football game as you eat and drink. There is also an area to play pool for those who enjoy the game.

We wanted to sit outside but it has been very humid in Lagos, so we decided to stay cool in the air-conditioned cozy restaurant.

Bada has the seafood pasta and he says that it is the best seafood pasta he has had in Lagos… and for someone who eats out regularly, that is a big statement to make… I was intrigued to know what made this the ‘Best seafood pasta in Lagos’. I mean that a very bold statement…

He says this bold statement is because of how blended and balanced the ingredients and flavor’s mixed together. Bada is a stand- up gentleman so if he says it’s the best seafood pasta in Lagos, I believe him.

Warehouse Kitchen

On this day, I had what some food lovers call “breakfast for dinner”. It was one of those days where work got the best of me and I skipped breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day.  So, I ended up having a traditional English breakfast with a sunny side up egg with a side of beef sausages, toast, beans, and tomatoes at 6.3o pm.

 I was thoroughly satisfied with my meal, although my dinner companion did not comprehend the “breakfast for dinner’ concept…. Not many people do but it’s a common practice.

The menu at the Warehouse Kitchen is rich and while the feel of the restaurant is very Western, the menu incorporates various African delicacies such as the African breakfast which comprises of either yam or plantain with egg sauce. You can get this for N4500. There is also grilled tilapia, fish, peppered snail, lamb chops, Akara and pap and much much more. There is also a great variety of drinks for those interested.

Warehouse Kitchen

I recommend this restaurant for a hang out with friends, family, sports nights or fun dinner with loved ones.

English breakfast N4500

Seafood pasta N7500

2 Pina Colada Mocktail N700

Total N 19 000


(This Review was done by Lehlé Baldé for Businessday Newspaper)
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