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    craft gourmet

    Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker a consistent Lagos favourite

    Craft Gourmet is conveniently located on the 3rd Floor, Mega Plaza on Idowu Martins Street in Victoria Island. It opened its doors in 2016 and it is safe to say that it has been a consistent favorite among Lagosians for over 3 years. Craft Gourmet is one of those restaurants that everybody loves because the team and owners have dedicated their time and resources to providing repeated excellent service and food. I can say I have been here over 15 times in the past two years. It’s one of the restaurants I go to the most.

    Craft Gourmet

    After a long week work week, there is nothing better than going out for brunch on a Saturday morning. Brunch has to be my favorite type of meal because it falls in between breakfast and lunch and can be a mix of savory and sweet dishes. On this occasion, my brunch companion was my friend Funke Shonekan who is the Executive Director at the Chris Ogunbanjo Foundation. We both love the food at Craft Gourmet and decided it would be a neutral place to catch up. Craft Gourmet’s interior reminds me of Paris in the summertime… it is simple, yet chic and elegant yet has a distinguished ‘home’ feel to it.

    Craft Gourmet

    Funke Shonekan

    As we were met by a friendly waiter who led us to our table we went through the menu and I decided to have the pulled lang burger with fries and freshly squeezed orange juice and Funke had the chicken penne pasta with a freshly squeezed green smoothie. absolutely loved my food, it was fresh, soft and very well marinated. Here is what Funke had to say about her experience.

    “I like the ambiance at Craft Gourmet, every time I have been there, the staff at courteous, the food is tasty and their portions are generous and filling. I will definitely keep coming back”. Funke Shonekan.

    Craft Gourmet

    Here is a fun fact… Craft Gourmet is one of two restaurants in Lagos that offer ‘Chicken Yassa’ which is a rice-based traditional Senegalese dish made out of chicken and caramelized onions. I have tasted both restaurants and Craft Gourmet’s chicken yassa tastes like an authentic meal made in Senegal. This might be because one of the owners is from Senegal. The restaurant is owned by a Lebanese couple and the woman, Loubna grew up in Senegal.  Let’s just say it has been wonderful to have a piece of home food here in Lagos.
    Craft Gourmet
    If I were to describe the food at Craft gourmet, here are the words that come to mind: fresh, wholesome, healthy, carefully and tastefully made culinary experiences. The owners have mixed fusion of Lebanese, African and Western cuisine and have cultivated their own unique Craft Gourmet style of food. All the recipes are inspired by Loubna’s delicious family recipes. Additionally, the staff is extremely polite, professional and knows the menu well. They also are very good at recommending food from the menu.
    Craft Gourmet is perfect for a catch up with a friend, a special large group event, a work lunch, a weekend brunch or even a weekday breakfast. They have a great variety of freshly baked pastries, including delicious mini chocolate croissants which are authentically made as well as fresh juices, mocktails, and cocktails. Some of the more popular dishes are the chicken and waffles, the English breakfast, spicy roast beef and the chicken avocado salad. I definitely recommend this restaurant and I look forward to hearing about your experience! 
    Pulled lamb burger and fries- N5200
    Fresh orange juice- N2500
    Chicken Pesto Pasta- N6200
    Cucumber, apple and ginger juice – N2500

    TOTAL– N16 400


    Funke Shonekan, Executive Director, The Chris Ogunbanjo foundation
    4.5 stars 
    (This Review was done by Lehlé Baldé for Businessday Media)
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    Z kitchen

    Discover Z Kitchen in Victoria Island: More than a restaurant, The Z Kitchen Experience

    Z Kitchen Lagos is conveniently located off Saka Tinubu street in the heart of Victoria Island, one of  Lagos’ most cosmopolitan neighborhoods. They say food brings people together, so this time I knew I had to bring some friends along to experience it with me. On this occasion, my dinner companions were Peace Hyde, Forbes Africa Head Digital Media, and Partnerships/West African correspondent and Zubby Emodi MD, Times Multimedia.

    Z kitchen

    Zubby Emodi, MD Times Multimedia

    Z kitchen

    Peace Hyde, Forbes Africa Head Digital Media, and Partnerships/West African correspondent

    Upon entry at Z Kitchen we were met by a very elegant and modern exterior, which is worthy of a wow factor award. The exterior is well complemented by an equally impressive interior.

    Z Kitchen


    As we approached the entrance we were greeted by the valet and then by the hostess who was friendly and warm, she then led us to the seating area. In my opinion, a culinary experience should start right at the door of the restaurant and this was definitely the case at Z kitchen.

    Z kitchen

    The whole ambience of this restaurant  is elegant, from the smell of the gently lit scented candles, the warmth of the lights and gentle background music .The ambiance feels modern, welcoming and warm. The attention to detail in Z Kitchen is impressive, more than the food, it’s the Z experience. Simple, minimalist design yet very chic.

    Here are some fun facts about Z Kitchen:

    1) It is the only restaurant in Lagos with a visible meat aging chamber.

    2) Z Kitchen is also the only restaurant in Nigeria that serves ostrich meat and tomahawk.

    I decided to look up the menu before because I wanted to make the most of the Z experience.

    For our starters, we shared  the seafood shrimp cocktail and ‘Gambas al Ajillo” which is Spanish for garlic prawns. Often eaten as an entrée, the seafood cocktail is a shrimp and avocado dish topped with Marie Rose dressing.

    Z kitchen

    Gambas al Ajillo ,seafood cocktail and avocado dish topped with Marie Rose dressing

    Our starters were fresh and tasty and were the perfect light bites before our  main courses.  I decided to have the steak frites as my main course. The ‘Steak Frites’ is a traditional French dish which is simply French for Steak and french fries. This dish was served with peppercorn and mushrooms sauced topped with matchstick fries. The meat at Z kitchen is excellent and this particular cut was very tender. Zubby had the char-grilled king prawns and Peace had the lamb chops.

    Z kitchen

    Zubby and Peace had some thoughts on their food and experience.

    Walking into Z Kitchen, though I had seen marvelous food images of their menu on social media. I wasn’t too sure what to expect. However, from the moment we parked the car to go in, up until our departure hours later, their proprietors and well-trained staff made sure it was truly a welcoming and memorable experience I trusted our waiter with my food selection and was very far from disappointed by his choices – from the main course of char-grilled prawns, to the cheesecake dessert. My only regret after leaving was that I didn’t order more to go. Would definitely suggest to people that appreciate amazing food and flawless service.” Zubby Emodi – MD, Times Multimedia.

    Excellent eating experience, beautiful decor…from walking in the door and being greeted by the employees, seated and drink order taken, was within 5 minutes. The meal was very flavorful and served hot. The server was very attentive, friendly and helpful throughout the entire dining experience. I highly recommend Z Kitchen as an amazing dining experience in Lagos.” Peace Hyde, Forbes Africa Head Digital Media, and Partnerships/West African correspondent.

    The Z in Z Kitchen stands for Zeina and Ziad, the first names of the  adorable power couple that owns the restaurant. Their passion is evident and  you can tell that they  derive joy from seeing  happy customers.

    Ziad is the very skilled head chef and Zeina is the client experience and operations manager. They pay extreme attention to detail and have a wonderful staff of friendly, professional and well-oriented individuals, I want to give a special commendation to James who attended to us that evening. He is charismatic, kind, very knowledgeable an absolute pleasure! Another plus about the Z kitchen is that there is something for every type of dining experience you might want. There is the main dining room which occupies a large portion of the space, but there are also pockets for more private seating arrangements, as well as a bar and a charming outdoor space.

    The Z Kitchen is a place where you can go for a special celebratory dinner party, it’s also perfect for a romantic date, dinner, and drinks with friends and so much more. It is THE place in town for a 5 -star dining experience.

    I highly recommend this restaurant and I’m excited to give  my first 5 star rating! I can’t wait to hear about your fabulous Z Kitchen experience.


    Shrimp cocktail N 5000

    Gambas Al Ajillo N 5000

    Steak Frites N 12 000

    Jumbo Prawns N12 000

    Lamb chops N12 000

    N45 000


    (This Review was done by Lehlé Baldé for Businessday Media)
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    The Warehouse Kitchen – The Best seafood pasta in Lagos?

    The Warehouse Kitchen is a new restaurant conveniently located in on Admiralty Way in Lekki, near Fidelity bank. Upon entry at The Warehouse Kitchen, I immediately noticed the sparkling modern lighting that enhances the bright open, yet the cosmopolitan design and feel on the inside.

    Warehouse Kitchen

    Sparkling modern lighting that enhances the bright open

    Everything about this space is unique from the cow head door and the wooden floors which really makes you feel like you are in a modern warehouse.  I must say I was apprehensive about the name of the restaurant because it leaves a lot to the imagination…. but was pleasantly surprised by what I saw inside.

    Warehouse Kitchen


    On this occasion, I went with my friend Akintunde Bada who is the Country director of VIACOM in Nigeria. He suggested this new place as a location for a mid-week catch-up, and I was more than happy to try it out.

     The Warehouse Kitchen has beautiful floor to ceiling windows which I find very visually appealing, especially in modern buildings. Everything about this space is unique from the cow head door and the wooden floors which really makes you feel like you are in a modern warehouse where you can really relax, eat and have a good time.

    The Warehouse Kitchen has two floors both with outdoor sitting areas. The outdoor sitting area on the ground floor comes with a large screen for those days when you want to catch your favorite football game as you eat and drink. There is also an area to play pool for those who enjoy the game.

    We wanted to sit outside but it has been very humid in Lagos, so we decided to stay cool in the air-conditioned cozy restaurant.

    Bada has the seafood pasta and he says that it is the best seafood pasta he has had in Lagos… and for someone who eats out regularly, that is a big statement to make… I was intrigued to know what made this the ‘Best seafood pasta in Lagos’. I mean that a very bold statement…

    He says this bold statement is because of how blended and balanced the ingredients and flavor’s mixed together. Bada is a stand- up gentleman so if he says it’s the best seafood pasta in Lagos, I believe him.

    Warehouse Kitchen

    On this day, I had what some food lovers call “breakfast for dinner”. It was one of those days where work got the best of me and I skipped breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day.  So, I ended up having a traditional English breakfast with a sunny side up egg with a side of beef sausages, toast, beans, and tomatoes at 6.3o pm.

     I was thoroughly satisfied with my meal, although my dinner companion did not comprehend the “breakfast for dinner’ concept…. Not many people do but it’s a common practice.

    The menu at the Warehouse Kitchen is rich and while the feel of the restaurant is very Western, the menu incorporates various African delicacies such as the African breakfast which comprises of either yam or plantain with egg sauce. You can get this for N4500. There is also grilled tilapia, fish, peppered snail, lamb chops, Akara and pap and much much more. There is also a great variety of drinks for those interested.

    Warehouse Kitchen

    I recommend this restaurant for a hang out with friends, family, sports nights or fun dinner with loved ones.

    English breakfast N4500

    Seafood pasta N7500

    2 Pina Colada Mocktail N700

    Total N 19 000


    (This Review was done by Lehlé Baldé for Businessday Newspaper)
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    Tea room Lagos

    At the Tearoom Lagos, every bite tells a story

    New restaurants in Lagos are constantly opening up. The aim for many of them is to create a wow factor that will solidify their presence and clientele in the competitive Lagos culinary business. The truth is, unfortunately for various reasons many restaurants open and close within the first two years… that being said, I have a feeling that this will not be the case for the Tea Room Lagos.

    Like many people, I came across the Tea Room on Instagram. The likelihood of scrolling past a post of someone you know or someone well known at this hot spot is very likely. The Tea Room Lagos opened its doors to the public in late 2018 and was founded by Denike Balogun an entrepreneur who says the concept of the restaurant was inspired by her love for unique dining and bar experience, as well as her love for the art of floristry and tea.

    Tea Room Lagos

    Upon arrival at the Tea Room which is conveniently located off Admiralty Way before the Lekki Ikoyi Bridge, I was warmly greeted by two security guards who said “Welcome to the Tea Room” which I found very charming. They then led me into what felt like a pink wonderland, a wonderland filled with beautiful things and coordinated pastel and metallic furniture. As I made my way up the unique flower filled stairs I was in awe of how beautiful it was inside.

    Not only does the The Team Room radiate positivity with its unique bright decoration and picture worthy backdrops, the Tea Room also offers a wide range of culinary varieties to suit all tastes and indulgences, from mouth-watering pastries and high tea to jumbo shrimp, sandwiches, chicken escalope, a good variety of pasta and much more.

    Tea room Lagos


    On this occasion, I had the chicken lollipops as a starter and the Chicken Cordon Bleu with fries as my main meal. Chicken lollipops are an alternative to the traditional chicken wings and these ones were delicious. The Chicken Cordon Bleu did it for me, it’s deep fried chicken breast with an explosive cheese filling on the inside, the combination was simply scrumptious. My friend Bofie Itombra had a chicken burger with fries and berry smoothie and she really enjoyed her meal.

    Once we were done, we had a chance to speak to the head Chef who makes the delicious food at the Tea Room, he started his culinary journey in Enugu, Nigeria where he discovered his culinary abilities watching and observing his mother in the kitchen. He later moved to Lagos to look for work and discovered new cuisines through training and apprenticeship.

    Tea room lagos

    He said he particularly enjoys trying new recipes and according to him “the Tea Room Lagos is the best restaurant in town”. It was refreshing to see him so enthusiastic about his talents and work.

    My experience at the Tea Room was everything I expected and more. Everything about this space is soothing and relaxing. The flowers make you feel like you are in a botanical garden, the food is delicious and the service was excellent. I also love the fact that their website is fully functioning and up to date so you can check out the menu and make reservations online.

    This place is perfect for a girl’s brunch, a tea and pastry afternoon snack, a birthday dinner, a private event or launch, it’s also perfect for a date or even a romantic proposal. I definitely recommend you make a reservation during peak hours, as the Tea Room Lagos is often full, especially on weekends.

    It is truly the place for diners who appreciate good food and positive vibes and want to take beautiful pictures while doing so. I highly recommend this restaurant and can’t wait to hear about your Tea Room Lagos experiences.


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    Experience London in Lagos, at Brass and Copper in Lekki

    As the name suggests Brass and Copper, the restaurant located in Lekki Phase 1, is literally filled with beautiful and stunning brass and copper aesthetics, ornaments and furniture.

    The restaurant reminds me of a very sophisticated restaurant/lounge in the heart of London’s West End. Designed with tasteful furniture and culinary sets, Brass and Copper is located on the top floor of the Good Hair Space off Admiralty Way in Lekki, right behind Ebeanno supermarket. The commercial building comprises of a  popular women’s hair salon called Good Hair and a barber shop called Next by Good Hair. The restaurant is owned by well-known entrepreneurs Chioma Ikokwu, Kike Osunde, and Osa Bazu.

    What I like about Brass and Copper is that while creating and building the restaurant, the founders thought about the modern day consumer. The consumer that is busy and appreciates multipurpose space to get many essential things done. Any Lagosian can relate to being stuck in traffic in between errands which can be very frustrating. This is why, particularly in Lekki around rush hour, the multipurpose Good Hair Space is the space for women and men on the go.

    As a busy working woman, the multipurpose space allows me to kill two birds with one stone. I usually go to Good Hair to get my hair and nails done and then head upstairs to have a delicious meal at Brass and copper and often use the restaurant to have after work meetings.  This also works for men, because there is also a barber shop in the space called Next by Good Hair.

    Upon entry at Brass and Copper, you will immediately notice the attention to detail paid into the decor and feel of the restaurant. Let’s just say this place is perfect for a colorful and sophisticated impromptu photoshoot.

     Brass and Copper is divided into two sections, the bar and then the restaurant which allows for flexibility depending on your preference or occasion.

    Seafood Pasta

    On this particular occasion as I made my way to the restaurant section I was greeted by a very friendly waitress. As she handed me the menu she suggested  I have the grilled salmon and I agreed and my dinner companion had the seafood pasta. Both were delicious and carefully made. The meals took a while to finish because we didn’t want the culinary experience to end.

    Grilled Salmon

    The menu at Brass and Copper offers many options from your traditional Nigerian or English breakfast to delicious fish and chips or even scrumptious ribs. To top off our delicious seafood-based meals, we decided to have a strawberry milkshake called ‘Tutti Fruitti’ to put the cherry on top of a delicious meal.

    Tutti Fruitti

    I must say that the staff at Brass and Copper are very professionally trained and very pleasant. They are also highly knowledgeable on the menu options which is helpful for particular diners.

    Brass and Copper is perfect for an afternoon meeting, a girl’s brunch, an event launch, and even a fabulous birthday party. They are definitely ready to bring London to Lagos in style and you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.


    Seafood pasta- N7000

    Grille Salmon- N9000

    2 Tutti Frutti milkshakes- N 5000


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    Harvest Lagos

    Harvest your way to the Brooklyn inspired restaurant in the heart of Lekki

    Located in the heart of Lekki Phase 1, the Harvest Lagos is a hidden gem in the busy suburb of Lekki in Lagos Nigeria. It is one of the newer restaurants In Lekki, having opened its doors just last year in 2018. The immediate wow factor is the clever use of space as the restaurant is located directly beneath a block of luxury apartments called the Bridge apartments, used for both long and short stays.

    Upon arrival at the Harvest Lagos, the immediate wow factor is the beautiful art mural outside. The restaurant itself is beautiful, with clear inspiration from a Brooklyn style building. It is evident that the design and furniture were thoughtfully picked out.

    Design and Furniture

    The feel of the restaurant is simultaneously modern yet rustic which is befitting on Brooklyn style architecture. The Harvest gives two dining options either inside or the outdoor section for people like me who prefer to sit outside overlooking a beautiful pool.

    Beautiful Pool

    Once I sat down outside by the poolside I was greeted by a very friendly waiter called Yinka who showed me the menu and was very well informed on the various food options. Customer service is a key component of a pleasant dining experience and it appears that the Harvest has taken some time to train their staff to high standards. What I love about the menu is that it is straight forward, very simple and made my decision making very quick.

    I ordered a chicken parmesan which is a traditional yet classic Italian dish which is served with traditional spaghetti and breaded and baked chicken with delicious marinara sauce and cheese. The food was absolutely delicious and very fresh and the portion was very filling. Safe to say I was thoroughly satisfied. The food took about 15/20 minutes to arrive and while I waited I had a scrumptious freshly squeezed pineapple juice as I waited. Their food and drink options are endless and there is something for everybody.

    Chicken Parmesan , Spaghetti and breaded and baked chicken with marinara sauce and cheese

    Apart from the mouthwatering food and excellent customer service, what I like about the Harvest is the flexibility of the space.  From my observation majority of the customers are between the ages of 20-45, space is also great for families, perfect for lone diners who want to get some work done especially in the late afternoons as well as good for semi-formal business meetings. The Harvest is also great for a date night with your significant other or your friend and also suitable for sports lovers who want a fun environment to watch the big game on a humongous screen. The Harvest is very well known for their famous for their Sunday Brunch which attracts a post-church clientele and brunch lovers from all over Lagos and is the Sunday brunch is known to go till late on Sunday evenings.  It is also perfect for small events and launches.


    Overall I recommend the Harvest Lagos, and look forward to going back there very soon to try out the other delicious options on their menu.



    4 stars


    Total Bill

    N 6500

    The opening hours are Monday to Sunday from  10 am to 11pm.

    Address: Block 26 plot 10 admiralty way, Lekki phase 1
    +234 909 000 8169